Love, Abundantly.

I’ve wondered many times why it is through our greatest pain that we can be redeemed by that which we think has caused it… Love.

In essence, I believe it characterizes contradiction. It’s profound and yet simple. An unpretentious complexity. Intense passion deeply rooted in sincere greetings of lips, gentle interlocking of hands and unspoken confessions.

I can truly say that I am a Lover. My very existence depends on my ability to love. I was created through love and it is through love that I live, content and satisfied. Love will see me through to grey hair, wrinkles and wonder years. It will overlook the imperfections of the one my heart chooses and create beautiful legacies. The reflections of my creativity produced by love will inspire the world and live forever even when I retire. I am totally enthralled, not by the ideology of it… but by it’s action. When I say that “I love you” the doubt from previous experience can have no reign over the confirmation my day to day action illustrates of how much of what I say is true.

I believe in order to love fully you must never try to understand it. For it is when we attempt to confine what it is to us through our comprehension, we limit it to our experience… and love has no regard for time. So…

Love, Passionately.
Love, Devastatingly.
Love, Abundantly.

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