African child (poem)


Amid the mirrored globe

Appears a sumptuous figure of an African Child

Who believes in

The most embracing perception of Ubuntu

Inspiration is his face, eyes and stature

Enlightenment is his gaze, rhythm, shadow and breath

Standing up dancing before the globe

Passing consciousness to the undergrowth

Metamorphosis alert

To the western culture

Poor but so rich African Child

Rich in Standing a symbol of liberation, unity and freedom

Amongst us Africa and Africans and Africa and all race

We will win our battle to the sound of a tam-tam

Despite being children that have no future

While toiling up the dark valley

United African States shall one day reign

Though much later than soon

Yet the road has been laid

For many in this generation to follow


Africa discards unconsciousness

Grows the spirit of brotherhood

Embraces the legacy ordained by God to mankind

For Africa lost child secretly longs and struggles for his mother

We believe in predestination

That destiny and prosperity shall take part

In Africa’s future

Africa shall shed tears of joy for her earnest heroes

And forever honor the achievements

Of her robust and flourishing warriors

Forever in her womb

Shall mother Africa bear her estimable African child

As returning sons and fathers and daughters and mothers

And their vanquishing crowns shall remain Her glory

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